Saturday August 7th

  Private Event

  Seriously We Can't Even Hint at This One
  Chicagoland, IL

  8:00 PM
  We have been booked for an amazing event for one of our favorite fans...that's really

​  about all we can say about that...




​ Sunday July 4th

  Private Event
  Doesn't Matter You Ain't Invited 
  Lake Bluff, IL
  We are doing one of our fabled one off private shows for some awesome folks

  up in Lake Bluff...if you listen hard around the parade you may just hear us rock.



Upcoming shows:

 ​Saturday July 27th

 ​ Saturday June 27th   
  Belvidere Buchanan Street Strolls
  Downtown Belvidere (Buchanan Street)
  Belvidere, IL
  7:30 PM
  We are on after the amazing TRaSH 80s who go on at 5, so get there early and stay late for

  a show that will span 3 decades of awesomeness....