​Olivia Olson

Lead and Backing Vocals

Olivia is a Rockford native who has been singing as long as she can remember.  After getting  her first taste of live performance at the age of 13 at Disney Land and The Old Globe Theatre she was hooked. Inspired by powerhouse vocalists like Aretha Franklin, Janis Joplin, and Grace Potter, Olivia always wanted to one day rock out with a band.  As fate would have it, she wound up singing with the boys in The Rack and The Riddler at one of their shows on a dare, and completely nailed it.  Fast Forward a month later and she was a full time member of the band.

Dave Jaramillo

Rhythm and Lead Guitar

Half of the infamous acoustic duo "Just Some Dude," which dissolved and became "Tack," only to reunite as JSD again in December 2016, Dave hadn't seriously played electric guitar since college.  Fast forward 3 years and now he  is a full blown gear nerd who is way more excited that a picture of his pedalboard got 1,000 likes on Instagram than he would be by winning the lottery.  

Serafin Alvarado


From showing up to  practice with nothing but a positive attitude (Seriously, no bass, no amp, no nothing) and learning our first four  songs on the fly at that first rehearsal, Serafin has proven to be a vital member of this band.  He brings the bottom end to the mix with precision and style and runs a bass rig that would make a NASA engineer's head spin.  As a Master Sommelier,  Serafin's wine knowledge and Industry reputation have given the band the opportunity to grace stages from Austin, TX,  to City Winery in Chicago. 


Brad Sabathne

Drums, Unsolicited Singing/Screaming

Caught somewhere between a rock and a hard place, Brad has been slamming drums and pocketing grooves for the last 20 years.  Starting out with nothing but a pair of novelty baseball bats and a couch, he taught himself the art of rocking.  Brad quickly took up ranks in a variety of different groups ranging from Metal to Funk to Blues, and has had the opportunity to record albums and tour both nationally and internationally.  A fan of all music it's not uncommon to hear him sing a Celine Dion verse just before breaking into a Pantera beat.  

​​Ross Graham

Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Ross has been playing in bands around the Midwest since he was 13 years old. Hailing from the Chicagoland's North Shore, he has played in bands with styles ranging from Pop Punk to Heavy Metal and everything in between. Ross has toured the country several times and has opened for bands such as: Fall Out Boy, Rise Against, Alkaline Trio, Ok Go, The Plain White T’s and The Swellers. He has also played festivals such as Warped Tour and Dirt Fest. Ross brings a good natured spirit and sense of humor with him on stage, not to mention his powerful vocals and mean tambourine skills...

Mike Barranco

Lead and Rhythm Guitar

Mike was barely alive when most of the songs the band plays were on the radio and MTV (back when MTV  played music).  He's been heard to say at rehearsal when asked how a song goes, "I don't know, I was 3!"  A lover of all types of music from Classic Rock, To Punk, and Country, Mike has musical tastes well beyond his years.  A huge fan of Gibson Les Pauls, and pretty much only Gibson Les Pauls, Mike brings a high energy performance to the stage and rips bluesy rock solos like nobody's business.